Beautiful Rainforest

Let's Protect The Rainforest 

Endangered tropical rainforests are the world’s largest sources of biodiversity and CO2 absorption. They are known as "the lungs of the world", absorbing CO2 and producing live-giving oxygen. They cover only 6% of the Earth's surface but are responsible for 28% of the world's oxygen turnover and the source for medicines and foods.

Together with Heveya, we can protect our tropical rainforests from deforestation by becoming a Rainforest Guardian.

We adopt one acre of rainforest for every mattress sold, enforcing our commitment to the environment. We do this in cooperation with CREA, a non-profit organization focused on the preservation of the Cocobolo Rainforest in Panama. Local communities are also aided to develop solutions for specific agricultural practices to increase wildlife habitat, food production and protect the remaining forests. 

The Cocobolo Nature Reserve And You

Far-away Panama may seem like a small country, but its endangered tropical rainforests affect the whole world. On its tiny land surface (less than 0.5% of the world’s land) reside an extraordinary 7 - 10% of the world’s known life forms. Panama's rainforests - one of our planet's 'lungs' - are disappearing at one of the highest rates in the world. Human activity such as logging there is responsible for this loss. Without the rainforests to remove carbon dioxide from the air, Earth's climate will get hotter.

Rainforest Guardian

In Panama in 2006, a 1000 acre rainforest was about to be sold to cattle ranchers to be destroyed. CREA, a non-profit organization, stepped in and found a donor to buy this forest to protect its resources. This forest is now the Cocobolo Nature Reserve.

When you adopt 1 acre of the Cocobolo Nature Reserve, you are enabling the plants and animals in this area to be actively catalogued while living in their free and wild habitat. Many of these are endangered species. You are also providing ongoing protection in this area from illegal hunting, burning and logging.

Heveya makes it easy to for you to save nature while providing you with the best in sleeping comfort. It's built into who we are and everything we stand for.