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Benefits Of Heveya Organic Latex Mattress

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Comfort and progressive support
Heveya latex feels soft at first touch and gives you more and more support as you settle deeper. This is why a Heveya mattress is comfortable and gives orthopedic benefits. With its progressive elastic properties, Heveya latex conforms to your body contour and gives proper spine alignment and support regardless of which sleep position you use. As a result, your body is relaxed and able to recuperate during the night.

Furthermore, not one but two layers of luxurious organic latex comprise a Heveya mattress. The softer comfort layer is on top, while the firmer support layer is at the bottom. The result is a perfect balance of optimal comfort and back support. 

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Pressure relief
Having all-point elasticity as its natural characteristic, Heveya organic latex mattresses can support your body equally and perfectly mould itself to your body. Hence, pressure is distributed evenly throughout the body, with no painful pressure pains.

On mattresses which are too hard or where the support is not progressive, you will experience too much pressure in the shoulders and the hips, causing you a restless sleep at night. This is not the case with Heveya natural latex mattress. No matter what your sleeping position is, it ensures an equal pressure distribution which enhances your blood circulation and improves the quality of your sleep.

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House dust mite free, bacteria free and mold free
Heveya organic latex is naturally, without the use of chemicals, anti dust mite and anti bacterial. Therefore, it is an excellent mattress choice for individuals with allergies.

Moreover, the mattress cover is removable. It comes with zippers so that the cover can be taken out and cleaned. This way, you can rest assured that you sleep in a better and healthier environment.

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Long lasting
By nature, an organic latex mattress is durable and can last for many years. Heveya latex has been tested and will keep its beneficial properties for 10 years according to the European standards, laid down by EC-Directive 2002/740/EC.

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Certified quality
Heveya products are made of high quality materials and are produced according to the highest standards. They are continuously tested and awarded with several international certifications such as Oekotex Standard Class 1 for safety on harmful substances and LGA for durability. Furthermore to prove that we strive to save nature, our latex plantation is certified organic by GOLS. Heveya is also the first Certified Carbon Neutral latex producer in the world, reducing the impact of carbon footprint on the environment.

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100% natural
Above all, Heveya is purely a natural product; it does not contain any harmful substances. Each Heveya organic latex mattress comes with a luxuriously soft bamboo cover which wicks away moisture from your body. This cover features a 3D spacer to make it fully breathable, and contains fluffy organic cotton filling as an extra layer of comfort. 

To have the full experience of Heveya, combine the natural organic latex mattress with Heveya’s organic latex pillows and teak wooden bedframe. All are natural materials.

In a natural environment, our minds tend to feel more relaxed and we sleep better. Heveya is designed and created for your well-being. Enjoy a healthy sleep.