Heveya Bedroom Furniture Made Of Beautiful Teak Wood

Heveya teak bedframe

Teak is dense hardwood with high natural oil content, naturally repelling moisture and termites. No other wood shares teak's exceptional strength and durability. Teak can even be left outside and survive even the most extreme weather conditions.

Heveya's teak wood furniture comes unvarnished; it hasn’t undergone any kind of protective treatment. The wood is merely polished, causing the natural oils to rise to the surface. To highlight the beauty of natural solid wood, we have specifically selected teak wood with naturally occurring splits and knots, making each piece beautiful and unique. We carefully craft this wood into our signature furniture pieces: bedframes, bedside tables and drawers. All have a minimalist design with a sleek yet natural look.

Teak Wood And The Environment

Teak plantation

Forty percent of our teak wood originates from carefully selected reclaimed timber, extracted from neglected buildings or old warehouses – mainly situated in Central Java, Indonesia. Reclaimed teak is recycled teak items that had once upon a time been used for something else and is given a new life. Not only a beautiful new piece of furniture is created, but also there is less environmental damage. No new trees are cut down to make these items and less trash is going into the landfill.

The remaining sixty percent comes from teak wood plantations in Indonesia managed by Perum Perhutani, a government agency adhering to strict eco-policy regarding yearly felling and replanting. This agency guarantees that all forest management activities are directed and guided by regulations to ensure environmental sustainability. This commitment to the environment is reflected by the FSC CoC certification that we receive for products that come from sustainable forests. FSC is an international non-profit organization to promote responsible management of the world's forests.

Heveya's teak bedroom furniture delivers a clean-cut European look in a timeless minimalist style. And all this is carried out with every care for the environment.