Organic Latex Mattress

Indulge Yourself in Pure Natural Luxury

Latex is the best all-natural mattress material that Mother Nature can give. It delivers supremely comfortable natural springiness for a restful night’s sleep. Heveya latex mattresses are made of 100% natural organic latex. Contrary to other foams, such as high resilience foam or visco-elastic foam (memory foam) which are made of a chemical reaction of petroleum derivatives, Heveya latex is purely a natural product. This means you do not have to worry about toxic gasses being released during the night while you sleep.

Additional to the organic natural latex, Heveya mattresses come with removable cover made of luxurious and soft silky bamboo fibre textiles with organic cotton filling.

Explore the Heveya Mattress

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Our Mission

Latex Core

Heveya latex is a renewable resource unsurpassed in its all-point elasticity. Besides coming from nature, latex foam is also a product of a mechanical process as opposed to other mattress material like PU foam that is a result of a chemical process. 

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Our Values

Bamboo Cover

Our mattress cover is made from bamboo fibre. Woven from gently spun bamboo pulp, this fabric is silky soft to the touch and has a natural fresh smell. Bamboo grows fast without pesticides, making it the ideal renewable source.

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Our Solution

Organic Cotton Quilt Filling

Puffy organic cotton is used to fill the inside of the bamboo quilted cover, providing an additional layer of softness and comfort for you. Click here to find out more why these natural and renewable materials are excellent for your good night’s sleep.

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