Enjoy An Environmentally Friendly Pillow

Sleeping on Heveya latex pillow

Heveya pillows are made of 100% natural organic latex with a soft bamboo cover. These organic latex pillows have been especially designed to keep the head in proper alignment with the rest of the body.

Latex is naturally elastic and its ability to 'spring back' means it has excellent shape retention properties for many years, making it highly durable. Other pillow materials might change shape during the night which can cause neck stiffness but Heveya organic pillow gives you good head and neck support all night long.

Heveya latex has an open cell structure that allows air circulation created by our natural nightly movements. Moreover, Heveya pillows are designed with extra ventilation holes allowing good humidity transport. This excellent airflow not only keeps the head cooler, but is also more hygienic with no trapped moisture.

The natural resistance of latex to dust mites, mildew and bacteria makes our pillows safe for those with allergies.

For regular cleaning, the silky-soft bamboo cover can simply be unzipped and removed for dry-cleaning. Moreover, we will indulge you in an environmentally conscious manner: every Heveya pillow comes with a reusable cotton shopping bag.