Heveya's soft mattress cover made of luxuriously fresh bamboo

Fulfilling the promise of our slogan — comfort meets nature — we always look for products which are both good for you as well as for the environment. Bamboo fabric is such a product. Made of 100% bamboo fibre, it has a silky-soft luxurious touch and is environment friendly.

bamboo trees

Why bamboo?

Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties; hence it is ideal for people suffering from allergies. Furthermore, bamboo transports humidity very well as it is highly permeable and breathable, leaving you feeling cool and dry while you sleep. Bamboo also has a natural fresh smell and generates negative ions which improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue and stimulate body metabolism.

Besides bringing benefits for the consumer, it also brings a lot of benefits to the environment. Bamboo grows without pesticides and needs only one third of the water needed to grow other trees. It grows very fast, even in the harshest climates. Bamboo can grow more than 1 meter per day! It is the most efficient and high yielding plantation 'tree'. Its roots can grow very far under the ground and form a maze which prevents mudslides.

Bamboo can be used for different means, such as housing, furniture, textiles, food, etc. Hence, they provide a source of income for many people in developing countries and slow down the deforestation as they provide an important alternative for wood.

Being a totally biodegradable and sustainable natural product, absorbing CO² everywhere it grows, bamboo is a real blessing for our planet.

Bamboo manufacturing process

Our bamboo textiles are made from raw bamboo cultivated from a bamboo farm without the use of any chemical pesticides. It is also an ecological product as its production process is free from environment damaging substances.

Bamboo textiles are made out of bamboo fibre. The fibre is extracted from the bamboo plant itself by crushing the bamboo plant into a pulp. The bamboo's natural enzymes are used to form a mushy substance from which the fibre can be combed out. Spinning the fibre into yarn, it then can be made into bamboo fabric.

bamboo fabric production