Is your bedroom electromagnetic radiation safe?

Electromagnetic radiation is probably something you’ve never even thought about. But what is the real effect of electromagnetic radiation on your body when sleeping on a spring coil mattress? If your mattress contains metal, it could be inadvertently amplifying radiation and increasing the risk of certain cancers.

What exactly is electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is a form of radiant energy. The different types of electromagnetic radiation, such as visible light and X-rays, make up the electromagnetic spectrum. The advent of technology means that we are now exposed to a lot more EMR; radio, TV signals, computers, phones, iPads and other electrical equipment all rely on EMR to function.

Extremely low frequency EMR (ELF), the radiation from power lines, wiring and appliances, is proven to have a causal link to the development of cancer. A health study1 on the potential dangers of household EMR concluded that “risks for malignancies other than brain cancer and leukaemia cannot be ruled out on the basis of current evidence.” Your electronic devices emit such a low level of EMR that they are unlikely to pose any serious danger, but scientists can’t guarantee that all that EMR in your house isn’t doing any harm.

What your mattress has to do with it

In Western countries, the rate of breast cancer in the left breast is 10% higher than in the right2. This puzzled researchers, who looked to other countries, such as Japan, found there was a reduced rate of breast cancer, and that the breast cancer was likely to affect both sides equally.

Cancer is the result of a complex variety of factors. However, one of the main differences between the West and Japan is in sleeping habits. In Japan, it is common to sleep on a futon on the floor; in the West, most people sleep on coil-sprung mattresses on a box spring bed base. As a result, some scientists came to the conclusion that it is the metals in the bed which are contributing to the increase of cancer.

metal coil springs

If your mattress contains metal coil springs, there is a possibility that your mattress could be acting as an antenna for radiation3. This is an issue because the low-level EMR from your electrical equipment is not enough to be a factor in the development of cancer alone. However, a mattress containing metal in the springs may amplify the intensity of EMR and become a danger to your health.

The EMR reaches maximum strength at 75 cm from the metal springs, which is right about where your body is. If you sleep on your right side, as people are scientifically proven to have a tendency to do, the maximum wave strength will be on your left side. It is this very phenomenon which could cause the left-side bias of breast cancer rates in the West.

A safe sleeping environment

Caution and care is the best way to look after your health. You spend about a third of your life sleeping, and so creating safe bedroom environment is the easiest way to reduce your EMR exposure.

One of the simplest things to do for peace of mind is to remove unnecessary electrical equipment from your room. Leave your mobile, television, radio and internet router outside and enjoy healthy sleep, free of electro smog. However, it isn’t always that simple to remove your electrical devices, and some may want to go the extra mile to ensure they are 100% safe. This is where the strengths of a natural mattress come into play.

Picking the right mattress

If you want to make sure you are safe from excess EMR whilst sleeping, choosing a mattress without metal springs is the best choice. A natural latex mattress is guaranteed to be made of only natural latex from the rubber tree. Even better, a certified organic latex mattress, such as Heveya, makes sure that your mattress has no toxic chemicals whatsoever. On the other hand, synthetic mattress materials such as memory foam or other PU foams have the risk of toxic off gassing.

A mattress free of metal springs means no need to worry about the potential antenna effect on radiation. Don’t forget about the bed base either – there’s no point having an all-natural mattress if you are sleeping on a metal bedframe or box springs.

Health always comes first; you can never be too careful with the potential danger of radiation. For safe sleep, check out, the home of toxic-free, high comfort natural organic latex mattresses.



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