Do latex mattresses sleep hot? – Debunking the myth

We all need a good night’s sleep and for some, the temperature is the big determining factor. Generally, sleeping on natural materials like latex will help you to sleep comfortably cool throughout the night. However, some people have the misconception that latex mattresses are warm to sleep on. Let’s explore what may have caused this.

Latex is not the same as memory foam

latex pinholes

A natural latex mattress normally lets you sleep cooler than synthetic foam materials such as polyurethane foam. The latex mattress has an open-cell structure that encourages the foam to breathe. Air circulation is also optimised with the presence of pinholes that were created during the production process. When you move during sleep the air moves in and out of the mattress through the pinholes and open-cell structure, helping you to feel cooler. On the other hand, polyurethane foam or memory foam has a closed-cell structure. It will trap heat to a greater degree than latex and make you sleep hot.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the differences between latex and memory foam since they both conform to the body and are shaped as a foam block. Actually, they are quite different and made from very different materials. Natural latex mattresses are made from latex that is naturally sourced from the sap of rubber trees. On the contrary, memory foam is a synthetic based product, a petroleum derivative that traps heat.

What goes into the fabrics?

Some people experience sleeping hot on a latex mattress due to its plushness. Many bedding manufacturers want to sell the most luxurious, thickest and plushest mattresses. As latex material is more expensive than metal spring or PU foam, manufacturers use synthetic materials like PU foam and polyester sheets to increase the mattress height and add fluffiness. These kinds of materials easily trap heat. Therefore, the plush latex mattress becomes a HOT mattress.

The cover fabric, or ticking as it’s called, is also very important to sleeping comfortably. Those mattresses that come with a high percentage of synthetic fibres will feel hotter than those with natural fibres. This same rule also applies to the bedsheets and duvet materials. Some people feel the need to cover a mattress with a waterproof mattress protector; this doesn’t necessarily cause a heat issue but it is less breathable than a natural fibre mattress protector. If you naturally sleep “hot”, you may want to explore other options.

One of the most important properties of a good mattress cover is its ability to allow proper airflow and breathability. Your mattress cover plays a significant role in your sleep comfort. If you cover your mattress with an airtight cover, you will be losing all of the benefits of the natural latex mattress. So, choosing the right cover for your latex mattress is important.

The Heveya mattress is constructed with two layers of natural organic latex encased in a soft bamboo cover with cotton-silk padding. The combination of these natural materials ensures optimal breathability, further allowing your natural latex mattress to perform at its peak. Our latex mattress covers also come with 3D mesh on all 4 sides, providing excellent heat transfer.

hot mattress infographics

We all love the feel of cool pillows on our faces when we sleep and most of us prefer not to get overheated through the night. However, some people just sleep “hot” and the choice of bedding materials can lessen or aggravate this discomfort. Choosing to sleep on natural materials such as a Heveya organic latex mattress can help with this problem. Natural latex does not sleep hot; the natural ventilation of the materials used in the construction of these mattresses will provide you a natural cooling effect, delivering the most heavenly slumber. After all, we spend over 1/3 of our lives sleeping; why not make sure it is in the utmost comfort.